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Seek shine really live up to their name. The product does SHINE even if wear it daily in the shower. And believe them when they say it's non tarnish.🌟

Just received my third purchase from your shop today and I must say I'm really in love with your products.

Been waiting for my rook to heal so that i can try it on before writing my review. I just feel it's a bit big (or long?), for my rook, but product wise no regrets. Quality at it's best.👌🏻
Ps. I hope seek shine adds more product that can fit rook piercings perfectly.😁

Happy with the purchase

Happy with the purchase :)

Super love it this white and gold tiny hoops...

Super love this super tiny white and gold hoops..will order again soon...

Very Satisfied!

1st time to order from this shop and I am very satisfied. What you see is what you get. Thank you again!

My boyfriend got this for me and I wonder what it meant 🥺🤣

Perfect Pair

Finally my ring found it's matched earrings same size, same look as if they came from the same shop

Lucas CZ Necklace

So beautiful and elegant 😍
Thank you so much!

Its sooo nice..

Got it already! 💕 So dainty and pretty 😍

Thank you :) i love it 💕

Thank you seek shine! I love it so much 🫰

Not dreaming 💭 My skin be really glowin’ ✨ because of the Total Glow-up Set of 5 Essentials from True Story. Skin Care🖤

I won’t get tired of saying it again and again, but True Story Skin Care products has done wonders on my skin and it has made me feel more beautiful from within. 🤍 Plus, I’m so in love with these super cute and subtle mini gold hoops from Seek Shine✨

Shine bright and beautiful as you are, darling! 💫

Sobrang ganda po ng screw ball earrings 😊 hindi na po ako nangangati 😊♥️.

I agree it is so aesthetic, and the product is so lovely—good quality for its price.

Hi I already order from your item and it's cute

simple but pretty 😍
thank you seek shine ❤️
will order again!

Hello! I ordered a bunch of your jewelry and absolutely love them!